T-IMS, the SITE Information Management System

T-IMS in brief

The SITE Information Management System (T-IMS), is an information management system that supports all phases of humanitarian mine action. T-IMS is for use in the early stages of non-technical surveys through the phases of technical survey and mine clearance as well as quality assurance/quality control, reporting and analysis. Furthermore T-IMS complies with international standards for land release (IMAS), it communicates with IMSMA and can optionally be equipped with JMU’s ordnance database CORD, which gives instant access to approximately 5 000 ordnance objects. The system runs with 100% functionality off-line, without a WiFi or internet connection. T-IMS is operationally validated by HCR-CTRO (CROMAC-CTDT).
The development of T-IMS has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007–2013] project TIRAMISU.

Information Management in mine action

Information management is crucial when it comes to mine action. Survey and clearance in contaminated regions often involve complex, demanding and hazardous tasks. We offer the tools and systems to give support through all phases of mine action. Mine action being overall contiguous geographic, our tools for field data collection and analysis are map (GIS) centric and very easy to use.

It all starts in the field

Any information from the field can be easily captured and recorded. As all captured data is validated and structured by the system directly in the field situation, reports of work and progress etc. are generated automatically and very little manual work and additional effort is required. Collected data and reports from the field are then gathered in the cloud or in your choice of central storage for further analysis and reporting on regional, national or even international level.